Our History

  • Teky labs is a global enterprise solutions provider based in India committed to designing and delivering solutions that enable global companies to accelerate in today’s complex business environments. We are specialized in SAP Software Development and Consulting Company. We are a leading provider of SAP Consulting, Solutions & Services in Design, Development, Testing and
  • Implementation of different client landscape SAP Projects, Cloud, Client-Server Environment, e-Commerce, Web Applications, Staffing & Training Services.
    Our technical expertise, management vision and accelerated innovation work culture at Teky labs resulted in partnering with the world class organizations to provide the optimal solutions. We have worked across verticals in both public and private sectors in solving complex business problems, providing holistic services leveraging our Offshore Development Center (ODC) & CoE which are seamlessly integrated, tech savvy professionals & innovation.
  • Our proven delivery and engagement models are designed to help our clients save significant costs and create business value providing us a superior edge over our competitors. We have a strong technical team with diverse disciplines that develop & deploys tactical software solutions for our client’s complex IT requirements that can deliver long-term, tangible dividends. We are a preferred software development outsourcing partner for various businesses across the globe.
  • Teky labs management philosophy, “Beyond Technology & Services” endeavors our associate’s to deliver committed business value to their esteemed customers by going beyond the call of duty, which made us a partner in various client’s progress, be it in the enterprise application development & implementation, application maintenance & support or management consulting. The success of Teky labs and our customers can be directly attributed to our valuable associates & our unique management philosophy. We are proud to be the partners in the progress of our customers and more importantly, we are proud of our valued associates.
  • We offer end-to-end IT services that can be rapidly developed & deployed to meet our client’s custom industry requirements. We offer IT services that are highly agile and help our clients respond quickly to changes in business environments. Our core
  • IT Service Offerings includes:
  • SAP Consulting Services
  • Big Data & Analytics Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Microsoft Consulting Services
  • Oracle Consulting Solutions
  • Java Consulting Services
  • IT Staffing Solutions
  • QA and Testing Services
  • BPM Consulting Services
  • Open Source Services
  • We constantly focus on emerging or innovative software technologies and develop products/solutions around the same, which helps our clients in first mover vantage to stay ahead of their competitors. We have been offering IT Services across diversified industry verticals and have in-depth knowledge of each industry vertical to develop optimal cost-effective solutions. With our IT Services, we are helping our clients confidently face their business challenges in these highly disruptive technologies ecosystem. Furthermore, our IT Services help businesses focus on ideation, acceleration & innovation and help them achieve their goals by utilizing optimal IT Resources effectively.
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